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Not Your Average Family is a blog run by an Uncle and Auntie who, two years ago, became Special Guardians to their Niece and Nephew. 

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Let us introduce ourselves

Let us introduce ourselves

Nearly two years ago, our little world changed forever. In August 2016, a very special woman passed away suddenly, leaving two young children without a Mummy, an uncle without a sister and an aunt without a friend. Looking back, those first few days just seem like a blur. Not only were we dealing with our own devastation, supporting family and putting on brave faces, we also had to make a decision: where would our niece and nephew live? During a conversation driving home one evening, it was decided; we wanted to be their guardians.

But less about us. We are not what's important here. In the weeks following their Mummy's death, one thing really stood out: children are so resilient. In the space of three weeks they had lost their Mummy, moved homes, gone back to school and attended their Mummy’s funeral. They were so brave. 

After moving in with Aunt's parents and squeezing 7 people into the house, the process of becoming special guardians began. This included meetings with a solicitor, a social worker, a CAFCASS guardian and a judge. Fast forward to May 2017 and we sat through our final court hearing, where we were legally made Special Guardians to our niece and nephew.

Nearly two years on, we have moved into our first home, gone on our first family holiday, celebrated Christmases and birthdays, bought a pet hamster and shed many tears. Each day brings new challenges, grief that creeps up on you and questions that can be difficult to answer. 

This purpose of this blog is share our experiences as a not so average family and to support those of you out there that may have a similar, or not so similar, family too.

Special Guardianship? Huh?

Special Guardianship? Huh?